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You remember all the good stuff...


Wow, I can't imagine that sort of freedom... Although yes, my first (and only) high school boyfriend had a car, and that opened up a WORLD of opportunity. Good and bad, lol.


Hello, Shaunna; I'm here from Pseudo's blog and I have to tell you, I love yours.

This post was so evocative of what it's like to be a teenager on vacation with the family; it just struck a chord with me.

brian miller

oh man, stinks that you missed the concert! i spent several family vacations wishing myself home...it never seemed to work fast enough.

dropped over from pseudo's.

have a great weekend!


Hi. I came in from your sister's. I was newly wed then, living in the Los Feliz area by Glendale, close to the site of the second murder committed by the Manson family. From that day on, our doors were locked day and night.

p.s. You have a great memory of those times.

Smart Mouth Broad

Came over from Pseudo's place. What a cool time it was back then. I can't imagine giving raising my kids with that kind of freedom. And yet we survived.


Oh there is some awesome music in these here links!

The whole Manson thing really was an awful blemish on the time!


I am pretty astonished with your freedom! I'm glad Pseudo sent us over. I enjoyed your post!


thanks to everyone who stopped by


Pseudo sent me here and I am not disappointed. Funny how kids used to have so much freedom and still turned out okay. My parents were pretty protective of me during the summer of '69. Then again, I was 2 and we were living in Germany.


Love this trip, Shaunna. Did you make it to the show? Yikes!
Also? I need to make sure that my son never reads this account. He wants to go to Boston for a show, and there's no way I will let him.


I'm over from your sister's site!

What an incredible story. :-)

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

Stopping by from your sister's... :) What great memories that road trip brought - well, except for the Manson murders of course. Did you end up missing that concert?

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