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I love that picture of your beautiful grandmother and your remembrance of her and those who have served. Yesterday my husband popped into the English shop in Thousand Oaks to grab that crap junk food we miss the most. When he left the ladies there gave him a paper poppy. This morning, getting ready to fly up to Seattle on business, he put that poppy in his suit jacket buttonhole. Armistice Day, Veteran's Day, Remembrance Day, Poppy Day. 11/11.

(And I signed the petition yesterday, but thanks for sending my way),


my grandparents retired to thousand oaks in the mid-'60s, and they're interned in westlake. how's that for a co-inkydink? :-)


Oh! Nice work with grandma and Veteran's Day. Love the pic and is that the actual tattoo?


yes indeed, that's the genuine article on big boy (although i took the pic when it was new - it's now colored in).

Kristan Hoffman

Hah, a tattoo inspired by Grandma? That's a new one to me. But kinda cool.

Here via phhhst, and your granny seems pretty awesome!


Lord your grannie looks like my paternal grannie did...she also was a bit of a rake and a free spirit...i blame that little bit of irish blood in her :) Best of all, her joie de vivre infuriated my mother who was straight dour scot and unusually prudish even by their standards...

great pic and great remembrance!



thistle, grandma was scots (her dad) and irish (her mom). the description of a dour scots sounds like grandma's older brother who immigrated... to sasakawan.

Kate Lord Brown

Hello - came to you via Pseudo - your grandma is marvellous! Goodness - everyone should have an ancestor like that!!

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