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Twenty Four At Heart

Your grandfather sounds like an amazing man. I love the picture. He had kind eyes. You can tell so much about someone from their eyes!


I love this post! Thanks for writing what I wish I had. Grandma and grandpa look awesome.


thanks... he was an amazing man (it is a great picture, isn't it?)


Hi - hopping over from your sister's blog. I love this post. Wonderful photograph. I have an 86 year old life long republican in my family who is voting for Obama. Interesting times, eh?


thanks for coming by! yes, quite interesting. i spent sunday afternoon calling north carolina - not democratic rolls, probably listed numbers - and it was surprising (although gratifying) that the majority were pro-obama... older citizens, lifelong republicans.


hi...also hopping over from sister pseudo's blog, great post...i had a grandfather who claimed to be a socialist, but i think may have secretly been a Conservative(Canadian equivalent of Republicans)...altho he would have kicked my ass if i had said that out loud around him

very interesting post!

Kristan Hoffman

Hah, my parents are the same combo. Although technically none of us affiliate ourselves with parties, our "voting records" (so to speak) belie the truth. I thought it was kind of nice to hear both sides growing up. Now, though, haha, I argue back instead of just listening. It's been an interesting past few weeks...


hey, your grampa looks very like my grampa, lovely photo. I'm not American but the American election, meaning the president it results in, will have far wider ranging impact (than for instance New Zealand or Holland) which is a bit scary, dontcha think?

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